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Headshot of Mazal, a Certified Reflexologist



Mazal Eliezer holds the title of a certified reflexologist, recognized by the State of California. Her journey commenced at The American Academy of Reflexology in Culver City in 2010, where she acquired the skills to address various health issues through pressure points on the hands, feet, and ears. Seeking further expertise, she pursued two advanced courses, focusing on fibromyalgia, hypertension, and Parkinson's disease.

Mazal's path took root around 18 years ago, sparked by her son's struggle. At just two years old, he faced a limping issue and balance problems. Seeking guidance from a family member versed in alternative medicine, Mazal began applying pressure points to her son's feet each night. Within weeks, the positive results were clear: her son regained a steady gait, marking a notable improvement. This experience prompted her to delve deeper into the world of healing touch and set her on the course of aiding others in need.

With an inherent understanding of the mind-body connection, Mazal has become a source of relief for numerous individuals. Her sessions are known to alleviate stress, reduce pain, ease sinus congestion, enhance digestion, and improve joint function. She believes that a relaxed body facilitates a focused mind, enabling individuals to approach their daily lives with heightened efficiency.

Mazal Eliezer's journey underscores the transformative potential of the human touch. What began as a mother's intuitive response has blossomed into a purposeful endeavor, dedicated to promoting holistic well-being through the art of healing touch.

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